Colvin Rocking Horses

Ready made horses

Photo Item Description/Size $
Small Rocking Horse 2
Small Rocking Horse

Basic small rocking horse - Pine timber.

Measures: 730 high x 1100 long x 450 wide

Dapple Grey Horse 2
Dapple Grey Horse

Dapple grey horse with brass fittings, genuine horse hair.

Measures: 1050 high x 11300 long x 450mm

Small Dapple Grey Horse 2
Small Dapple Grey Horse

Small dapple grey horse with chrome fittings.

Measure:   830 high x 1070 long x 400 wide

Small Plywood Horse 2
Small Plywood Horse

Small plywood horse

Measures:  820 high x 1100 long x 450 wide

Mini Rocking Horse 2
Mini Rocking Horse

Mini rocking horse on rockers.

Measures: 540 high x 770 long x 290 wide

Trotter No2 SOLD SOLD 2
Trotter No2 SOLD SOLD


Trotter no 2 . Dapple grey.

Measures: 1100 high x 1300 long x 470 wide


For purchase of any of the above horses, allow 6–8 weeks from the time of deposit received unless in stock. All items plus postage / shipping.


Direct Deposit: Westpac BSB 032052 Acct: 161347

Colvin Rocking Horses winner of the Sydney Working with Wood wooden toy section for 4 consecutive years.